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CND WIld Earth Collection

Reconnect with nature’s wilderness and celebrate the natural beauty of the earth. Wild Earth explores our urge to trust our instincts. Natural materials and tactile surfaces as well as quilted and intricately decorated designs gain prominence while succulent landscapes of earthy tones bring us closer than ever before. Relish in Wild Earth’s palpable palette of the season.


The new formula with advanced micropores allows for breathable coating strengthened by an infusion of 3 new caring ingredients to give you all the care your nails need.
• Jojoba Oil
• Vitamin E
• Keratin

Two Step Easy Application 
Step 1: Apply two thin layers of VINYLUX 
Step 2: Finish with one layer of VINYLUX Top Coat

Includes a new superior brush.
• Ergonomic, curve hugging brush for flawless coverage
• Easily coats the entire nail 
• Smooth & easy application 
• High quality Italian design

VINYLUX Weekly Polish (V)
• 7-day, chip-resistant wear (Really!) 
• Fast-drying, 2-step application 
• Increased durability with natural light

Two Step Easy Application
Step 1: Apply two thin layers of VINYLUX
Step 2: Finish with one layer of VINYLUX Top Coat

Q. What are the key steps to follow in order to maximize week long wear?
A. Use VINYLUX as a System; start with P.E.P. followed by VINYLUX Color and always use VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

Q. Can you use a CND base coat for extra adhesion?
A. No, a base coat will negate the performance of VINYLUX because the adhesives are in the color coat.

Q. What makes VINYLUX bond to the nail without a base coat?
A. VINYLUX has adhesion promoters in the color coat making the color self-adhering without a base coat.

Q. Can you use a different CND top coat?
A. No, the VINYLUX Top Coat has our innovative Pro-light technology with photo initiators and becomes more durable with exposure to natural light.

Q. Can you use VINYLUX Top Coat with other enamel brands? Will it work as well?
A. It can be used with other enamel brands, but cannot guarantee week long wear. The system yields the ultimate performance.

Q. Are there problems with the polish staining the nails?
A. No, CND uses a two part mechanism to create adhesion without staining. The first part is the adhesion promoters, which are designed to anchor directly to keratin and form a barrier to prevent the pigments from coming in contact with the nail surface. The second part is the fast drying formula which is designed to further lock in the pigments on a more permanent basis as the color layer forms a film. This stops any transport of the pigment down to the nail.

Q. What is the dry time?
A. 8 1/2 minutes

Q. Can you use CND SolarSpeed Spray with VINYLUX?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you apply VINYLUX over Liquid & Powder?
A. Yes, for Liquid & Powder enhancements, smooth and refine enhancement with a 1200 grit buffer, like the Koala Buffer. Apply 2 layers of VINYLUX Weekly Polish followed by VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

Q. Can you apply VINYLUX over Brisa Gels?
A. Yes, create the Brisa Gel enhancement, then refine and shape the enhancement following all enhancement finishing steps. Apply Brisa Gloss and cure. Remove the top film with 99% IPA and gently remove the shine with a Boomerang Buffer. Apply 2 layers of VINYLUX Weekly Polish followed by VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

Q. Can you apply VINYLUX over Brisa Lite Removable Gels?
A. Yes, create the Brisa Lite Removable Gel enhancement, then refine and shape the enhancement following all enhancement finishing steps. Thoroughly dust the enhancement. Skip the Brisa Lite Removable Top Coat and apply 2 layers of VINYLUX Weekly Polish followed by VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

Q. Can you pour one bottle of VINYLUX into another bottle? To condense two bottles? To mix two different colors?
A. VINYLUX does not have effects for layering, however, sheer shades can always be used to layer for design.

Q. How do you remove VINYLUX? (Nail polish remover, pure acetone or CND Shellac Nourishing Remover?)
A. VINYLUX is best removed with CND Shellac Nourishing Remover or Acetone.

Q. Which CND Education Classes teach VINYLUX?
A. Our CND Play Station will feature the VINYLUX Polish System.

Q. Since it’s using some of the same technologies as Shellac, can it be cured with UV (or LED light) for extra strength? Will this affect VINYLUX negatively?
A. Curing VINYLUX under a UV or LED light will not affect it negatively; however, it still dries naturally like regular polish.

Q. Does VINYLUX thicken over time like regular nail polish?
A. Yes, as with any solvent containing product, if the top is removed from the bottle, the solvent will evaporate. Be sure to thoroughly shake VINYLUX before application and always tighten the cap after use to prevent solvent evaporation.

Q. What can be used to thin it? Does it cure in the bottle when exposed to light?
A. Adding polish solvent will thin, but will affect dry time.

Q. Does using SolarOil on a daily basis affect VINYLUX wearability?
A. SolarOil will enhance wearability because it improves the health of the nail.

Q. Can you mix Additives into VINYLUX or other “nail art” ingredients?
A. Yes.

Q. Is a wet or dry manicure recommended for VINYLUX?
A. Natural nails should be P.E.P.ed prior to VINYLUX application. If a SpaManicure or SpaPedicure is desired, it should be performed prior to VINYLUX application.

Q. What is the cost per service of VINYLUX?
A. Weekly Polish: $0.17, Weekly Top Coat: $0.09

Q. Will all new colors and collections from VINYLUX always be matched with Shellac colors?
A. VINYLUX will launch with more colors than Shellac and thus have many of its own colors. However, Shellac and VINYLUX will launch the same seasonal collection colors.

Q. How do I ensure that VINYLUX will not take away from my Shellac customers?
A. VINYLUX is for the client that wants to change their color every week or on demand. The Shellac customer desires a two week commitment and salon-only services.

Q. Can you guarantee week long wear?
A. Nail conditions vary which will affect product performance. Healthy nails without delamination or drying issues perform for one week.

Q. Will VINYLUX be available in a larger size?
A. Not at this time. Only if there is future demand.

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