ForPro Universal Pedi Bath Liners 14.5” W x 12.5” L x 6” D 100-Count

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• Compatible with Footsie Bath Plus Foot Bath
• Prevent the spread of foot fungus and bacteria
• Disposable, sanitary, and fits up to a men’s size 13 shoe
• Feature a textured base
• Durable for commercial use
• 14.5” W x 12.5” L x 6” D
• 100-count

ForPro Universal Pedi Bath Liners are durable, sanitary and provide the most hygienic pedicure experience. Pedi liners are 6” deep and compatible with the Footsie Bath Plus Foot Bath. The preformed pedi liners are designed for one-time use and feature a textured base that offers comfort and luxury.

For best results: Nest at least 6 liners to carry water for disposal.

ForPro Professional Collection features the highest quality, best value, and largest selection for professionals and consumers. All products include 100% unconditional guarantee.

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Manufacturer TNG Worldwide
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