Premium Magnifying Lamp with Stand

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ForPro Premium Magnifying Lamp with Stand includes 10W bulb and 5X magnifying lens.

These items come with a one year warranty.
Customers are responsible for all freight charges for returns made within the one year warranty period.

Please read the instructions and safety tips before use. Your Magnifying Lamp comes with a one-year limited warranty. If for any reason you need service, please call 800-520-6000.

• Gently adjust the movable arm.
• If the power cord is damaged, replace it with a power cower cord of the same kind or refer to a professional technician for repair.

1. This machine is not suited for the use by those with physical weaknesses or slow reactions (including children) unless guided by an individual capable of safe usage.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Keep away from water or outdoors.

The light pipe produces incandescent light, which is illuminated to the skin and magnified via convex lens so that the pore tissue on the skin is seen clearly. Beautician may use the magnifier to shape eyebrows and remove scars and birthmarks and other discolorations.

Assembly Instructions:
1. Insert the 5 legs with wheel into the base clamp.
2. Use the washer and 5 small bolts to fasten the legs.
3. Insert the supporting pole into middle of the base. Fasten with the large bolt.
4. Insert the lamp with crane into the supporting pole.

1. Turn the light base to the desired position.
2. Press the power switch to turn on power.

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