Austrian Green Hard Wax 2 lbs.

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Austrian Green Hard Wax is a "strip-less hard wax" that is applied thicker than a strip soft wax for effective removal. Once dried the wax can be peeled off like a band-aid strip. Austrian Green is recommended to be used on small body parts for normal to resistant hair. Leaves little to no irritation and is a favorite among European trained estheticians for Brazilian bikini waxing. Derived from beeswax, natural resins and azulene. Temperature: Medium. 2 lbs. block



1. Heat wax until it flows easily.

2. Stir for consistency.

3. Bath temperature low-medium.

4. Does not have the spread-ability of a soft wax.

5. Use tea tree oil to increase numbing if needed.

6. Apply a light coat of dusting powder.

7. Apply wax in a thicker layer in the direction of the hair growth. If applied too thin it will crack in pieces on removal.

8. The wax will change from a dark green color to a pale green color when dry.

9. Once dry, the wax maybe peeled off like a band-aid strip.

10. Remove with a quick, close pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth parallel to the body

11. Soothe treatment area with tea tree oil.

Active Ingredients: Gum Rosin, Bees Wax, Hydrogenated Gum Rosin, Microcrystalline Wax, White Petrolatum USP, Azulene & D&C #6 Green.

Azulene - Anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Bees Wax - One of the oldest ingredients used in waxing preparations. Also, is credited being an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and germicidal.

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