Restorative Hair Mask 8.5 oz.

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Restorative Hair Mask penetrates deep into the hair to restore and rebuild while repairing damage caused by chemicals and other environmental stresses. Antioxidant-rich argan oil plus keratin nourish and improve the strength of each hair strand. 8.5 oz.

  • Rebuilds elasticity
  • Restores and repairs
  • Protein-enriched
  • Treats in 5–7 minutes
  • No heat required
  • What is the difference between the Hydrating Masks and the Restorative Hair Mask?
    Whereas both the Intense Hydrating Mask and Weightless Hydrating Mask both offer deep conditioning benefits, Restorative Hair Mask provides another layer of nourishment and reparative properties with the addition of fatty acids. All existing Moroccanoil masks do not require heat to achieve optimal hair care benefits.

    For best results; after shampooing, apply a generous amount of Restorative Hair Mask all over hair and massage a little into scalp. Let it penetrate for about 5–7 minutes and rinse out. Use regularly on chemically compromised hair and decrease usage as hair’s texture and elasticity improves. For thick, coarse hair, mix about 1 teaspoon of Moroccanoil Treatment with the Restorative Hair Mask for added shine and elasticity.

    1. Do Moroccanoil products contain silicones?
    Yes. Products such as Moroccanoil Treatment, Moroccanoil Treatment Light, Glimmer Shine, Hydrating Styling Cream, Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Intense Hydrating Mask, Intense Curl Cream, Frizz Control, Curl Defining Cream, Extra Volume Conditioner and Weightless Hydrating Mask all do. Silicones in these products provide a level of protection from heat styling and moisture loss, as well as enhance luster, smoothness and manageability.

    2. Are silicones safe?
    At Moroccanoil, we use only the finest cosmetic-grade ingredients in all of our products. Our silicones—specifically, cyclomethicone and dimethicone—are both naturally derived from sand and are compliant to industry regulations in the U.S. Europe and Japan. Silicones act as a lightweight lubricant to make the surface of the hair feel smooth without leaving a residue. Their unique molecular structure (larger molecules with wider spaces between each molecule) allows them to form a breathable barrier without weighing the hair down.

    3. Do Moroccanoil products contain safe levels of pH?
    Yes. The pH levels vary from 3.5 to 7.0 for Moroccanoil products that contain water.

    4. What is the shelf life of Moroccanoil products?
    Depending on the product and market, Moroccanoil products will either have an expiration date imprinted on the packaging, a purchase-after-opening (PAO) symbol or both. The PAO is a small jar icon with a number inside that indicates the number of months the product will keep and be optimal for use after opening. The time period depends on the stability testing that we do.

    5. Are Moroccanoil products tested on animals?
    Our formulas are never tested on animals. Each final product is marked with a seal that reflects our commitment to treat animals with respect. Moroccanoil also proudly participates in intense philanthropic work supporting animal rights. The Humane Society, one of the largest and most successful animal protection organizations in the USA , benefits directly from Moroccanoil support.

    6. Are Moroccanoil products suitable for all hair types?
    Moroccanoil products are suitable and gentle for all hair types. From the finest strands to the coarsest tresses, our argan oil-infused formulas nourish and condition—without weighing hair down or making it oily. For targeted hair needs, we recommend visiting a salon to get professional advice on what Moroccanoil product best addresses your specific hair concern.

    Key Ingredients

    • Argan Oil: restores elasticity, smoothness and manageability to hair.
    • Shea Butter: soothing and moisturizing, provides nourishing benefits to hair and scalp.
    • Acetamide Mea: a water-soluble surfactant that conditions and improves the texture of hair.
    • Caryocar Brasiliense Fruit Oil: from the Brazilian Pequi fruit known to be rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.

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