Natural Nail Growth Stimulator .25 oz.

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Natural Nail Growth Stimulator lengthens, strengthens and hydrates your nails all in one. Long, strong healthy looking natural nails guaranteed with this intense, simple to use natural nail strengthener, nail hardener and conditioner. Guaranteed results! The secret to strong, healthy looking natural nails. Makes natural nails, stronger and longer while preventing annoying chipping and peeling. Active garlic enzymes stimulate new nail growth. Sulfur amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins strengthen the nail by bonding and locking keratin together and creating an extra layer of nail to prevent peeling and protect new nail growth. Maintains moisture and flexibility of the natural nail with vitamins A, C and E to keep it flexible and prevent cracking. See up to 1/4 inch of nail growth in as little as 14 days. Perfect for developing natural nails after removing artificial enhancements. .25 oz.