ForPro Premium Microfiber Face Rest Cover, Chocolate

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• 100% ultra-light microfiber material
• Super soft and cozy yet durable enough for professional washing
• Extra-firm elastic provides a tight fit to all standard face space pillows
• Stain, oil, and wrinkle-resistant
• Color: Chocolate

ForPro Premium Microfiber Face Rest Cover is made from 240 thread count, 100% ultra-light microfiber material. It is designed for comfort and protecting face space pillows from makeup, lotion, and oil stains. The microfiber material is super soft and cozy yet durable enough for professional washing. The face rest cover is professionally hemmed with an all-around elastic band for great comfort and fit.

Why Choose Microfiber?

Microfiber consists of very finely woven fibers which are made in the lab as compared to forming naturally in nature. It is perfect for insulating heat and providing warmth in cold climates. Microfiber sheets can be washed up to three times more than traditional cotton or flannel sheets and dry quicker.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash warm
Tumble dry in low heat
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Wash within 24 hours of use
Do not overload washer with too many linens per wash cycle
Dry linens according to fabric and/or washing instructions

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