Pedi Redi Plus Peppermint 65 oz.

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MAXIM Peppermint Pedi Redi Plus is three Products in One! Pedicure Soak Solution, Sloughing Lotion, and Cuticle Conditioner is the best product to use in all whirlpool pedicure spas. Softens calluses and cuticles, removes dead skin and significantly reduces scrubbing time. Formula has defoaming and descumming agents so your clean-up between pedicures is faster and easier than ever before. One 65 oz. jar lasts for 115 whirlpool applications and 135 in small footbaths. Can be used in all foot baths. 65 oz.

Softens skin for easy exfoliation! Its superior formulations contains only the highest quality ingredients and is economical to use. Pedi Redi Plus is a specially formulated powder. It combines sea salt, epsom salt along with other key ingredients to clean the feet and soften calluses and cuticles for easy exfoliation. Pedi Redi Plus is non-foaming and completely safe to use in all pedicure equipment while containing a cleaning agent to improve the ease and speed of cleanup. Pedi Redi Plus contains a combination of essential and fragrance oils along with our famous vivid water colors are sure to please your clients. Professional Techs make distinctive choices. Using Pedi Redi Plus is the smart choice.