Peach Creamy Cuticle Remover 4 oz.

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Peach Creamy Cuticle Remover is a thick and creamy formula that will dissolve dead skin and cuticles in a fast 30 seconds. No need to use clippers that make the cuticles grow back hard and painful to remove. 4 oz.

Problems when NOT using Tammy Taylor Creamy Cuticle Remover
• Long time to soften skin and cuticles
• Have to use nippers
• More work using sharp metal pushers
• More pressure needed to push

Solutions and benefits when using Tammy Taylor Creamy Cuticle Remover
• Softens dead skin and cuticles fast
• Eliminates the use of nippers
• Thick and creamy
• Nice peach fragrance in seconds

Massage into cuticles on hands and feet, then soak. Then reapply and push back with an orangewood stick or cuticle stone. You can also rub it into calluses before using the scrub.
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