Pre-Depilatory Jasmine Oil Liter

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Pre-Depilatory Jasmine Oil is for use before depilatory treatment to prepare skin for waxing. Use to condition and protect the skin before wax is applied. A superb jasmine-based oil, use sparingly on very dry areas of the skin or cold skin prior to waxing. This oil facilitates the effectiveness of the wax and conditions the skin at the same time. It may also be used after waxing procedures as desired. This oil is also popular in massage therapy due to its light texture. 33.8 oz.

Caution is recommended: over application will cause the wax not to adhere to the hair.

For your pre-dep needs ALWAYS apply oils very sparingly (drops) and massage into the skin before your depilation treatment. BLOT with a tissue to remove residual oil before depositing your Perron Rigot wax of choice.
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Manufacturer TNG Worldwide
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