Non-Woven Epilating Strips 3” x 9” 100-ct.

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Non-Woven Epilating Strips are the professional choice for all depilatory services. Pre-cut to help prevent shredding or tearing. Perfect for removal on legs, arms, back and other larger areas. Doesn't shred nor tear when being pulled. White.

The Non-Woven Specialist

Non-woven material is made from polyester and for waxing purposes, mimics muslin and removes wax at a lower cost. There are two processes for making non-woven material suitable for waxing. Only ForPro makes non-woven using both processes.

Wet-Laid. This product is produced by filtering an aqueous suspension of natural and synthetic fibers. The fibers then go onto a conveyor belt and then are dried and
formed into sheets before cutting. This process creates a stronger yet soft material that most mimics muslin and in many instances, is preferred over muslin.

Calendering. The most popular non-woven strips and rolls involve the polyester going through a calendaring process. This is used to smooth and coat the material.
This is the least expensive way to buy non-woven strips and rolls.

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