Genius Rechargeable LED Lamp

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EMMA GENIUS Rechargeable LED Lamp incorporates the latest LED technology and ion battery technology to allow nail techs to use the lamp anywhere, anytime. Lamp includes 32 LED lights that feature incredible 365-395nm wavelengths that not only will cure EMMA gel polish, but any brand gel polish and UV gel. There are even four LED lights uniquely situated to cure the thumbs. 

Features include:
• 32 powerful LED lights cure EMMA gel polish and any brand gel polish and UV gel and
cures one hand at a time. 64W total power allows for maximum shine and wearability.
• Ion battery technology lasts three hours on a single charge, long enough to do 60 clients.
Recommend to charge overnight for at least seven hours.
• Four timing settings: 30s, 45s, 60s and 90s.
• LCD display shows curing time and battery life
• Infrared hand sensor, lamp turns on and off when hand or foot is inside and removed
• 50,000 hours guaranteed use
• Metal construction for maximum durability
• Open design, no bottom plate. Includes two flip-up posts to elevate lamp for pedicure.
• Portable handle for ease of use. Take anywhere and store anywhere.
• Includes replaceable adapter and charger
• One-year manufacturer warranty

Product Specifications:
• 4.7 lbs.
• 9” x 8.5” x 3.6”

How to Operate
The LED light is designed for the use of curing/drying LED formulated gels. The LED lamp has a specialized pre-programmed timer to ensure accurate curing of LED gels. The LED lamp is 64W and has an estimated life of 50,000 hours of use. Lamp is rechargeable. One charge lasts approximately 3 hours of working life.

1. Connect the power adapter to the LED light, then insert the adapter into outlet or power strip to turn the light on and begin to work. If light’s rechargeable battery is charged, then it is not necessary to connect the power adapter to use. Recommend to charge overnight for at least seven hours. (Charger shows red light while charging, green light means fully charged.) Note: Light has a separate power switch. Turn off the switch and lamp will power off automatically (when not connected to external power source). When using an external power source, the power switch does not work. The lamp will recharge and the background light will be turned on.

2. Default timer is 30s. Touch the button of timer 30s directly and the countdown of 30s will begin and the LED light will turn on. The light will turn off automatically after 30s. To choose another timer, select and touch the switch of desired time (45s/60s/90s) directly. Touch again to turn the light on and begin countdown. To turn off the LED light in advance, touch the switch of your selected timer again to stop. There is an auto touch-sensor system on this light, so the light can also be turned on by inserting hand or foot inside unit, and turned off by removing hand or foot from unit. (Only the direct or indirect touch of the human body can activate this function. The working principle is the same as touch-screen on a smart phone.) The light will still turn off automatically when timer is finished.
* Recommended curing times are per layer. The top coat may be cured for 60 seconds for longer wear. The surface will remain tacky until the final cure and cleansing of nails.

3. When the lamp is in standby mode for three minutes without any operation, the lamp will enter a dormant state. The background screen light will power off.

Recommended Curing Times:
• Base Coat Gel: 30s
• Gel Polish (lighter colors): 60s
• Gel Polish (darker colors): 60s
• Top Coat Gel: 30s

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