finipil LAIT 50 Retail Display 1.5 oz. 12-pk.

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Total comfort after any type of hair removal … Plus hundreds of other uses!

All forms of hair removal can leave your client highly susceptible to germs, infection, and bacteria—unless you apply
finipil. Finipil is a patented, FDA over-the-counter antiseptic created for use by both men and women after and between
hair removal treatments. Finipil destroys 99.999% of bacteria while helping to protect the empty hair follicles from infection.
But killing bacteria is just the start. It also:
• Instantly cools and soothes the skin
• Reduces redness, swelling, and bumps
• Helps prevent ingrown hairs & cysts
• Is effective after waxing, shaving, and electric hair removal
• Has been dermatologist researched, tested, and approved

There are so many other uses for finipil! Finipil is an incredible moisturizer and sanitizer. It also soothes skin irritations,
blemishes, rashes, itching, and cools sunburn. Many clients call it a “must-have” lotion for their pockets or purses!

Safe, Effective, Trusted by salons for over 30 years!

finipil LAIT 50 Retail Display patented, FDA over-thecounter antiseptic. Retail to your clients for daily at home use. Protects their skin from irritation and ingrown hairs after any kind of hair removal.

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