Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub Body Wash - 15, 32 oz.

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Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub Body Wash - 15 is formulated with the highest grade imported, organic micro algae, this unique formula is optimally blended with essential oils and polished pumice to exfoliate the skin, without being abrasive. Uniquely scented, invigorating, lightly foaming scrub exfoliates dead skin cells on feet and legs, while toning. 32 oz.

• Gives skin a subtle glow
• Ideal for Diabetics & sensitive skin: produces no adverse skin irritations
• Dermatologist tested
• Not tested on animals

Footlogix offers products developed specifically to address a variety of skin and nail conditions affecting the feet, from simple dryness to more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes and fungal infections.

Footlogix Pediceuticals are:
• Non-occlusive: do not seal or impede the natural functions of the skin, thereby allowing it to transpire normally
• Non-greasy: socks and shoes can be worn immediately after application. Simply apply and go!
• Hygienic: applicators have a sealed system that does not allow air into the container
• Effective: protect damaged skin against infections and most efficacious for the dryness associated with the Diabetic foot
• Easy to apply: products are rapidly absorbed creating great user compliance
• Highly effective: clients see fabulous results in as little as a few days
• Endorsed: by leading Doctors and Podiatrists across North America and Europe
• Transformational: they will elevate the results of your pedicures to where “Medi meets Pedi”

Safe for Diabetics
• Footlogix Pediceuticals are meeting the needs of Diabetics for safe and efficacious foot care, since they moisturize and protect extremely dry, cracked skin.
• All Footlogix mousse formulas are fragrance-free and leave no greasy residue.
• Footlogix products may be applied between the toes.
• Select Footlogix formulas contain Anti-fungal agents that provide relief of itching, scaling, cracking, burning, redness and irritation of the skin of the feet. All Footlogix mousse formulas are rapidly absorbed. Simply Apply & Go!
• Footlogix is dedicated to providing fast and effective relief to repair, rejuvenate and to ultimately cure* a variety of Diabetic foot-related skin conditions.
*Individual results and timing will vary, depending on the severity of conditions being treated.

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