Conditioning Cuticle Oil - Peach Scent

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Conditioning Cuticle Oil is a combination of the richest natural ingredients, which “rehydrate” the skin surrounding the nail & cuticle, “without” causing any lifting or peeling of artificial nail products.(Excellent treatment in all types of nail services.) Also promotes healthy, strong natural fingernails, and healthy fingernail growth; even while wearing gel polish, acrylic, gels or other types nail enhancement products. (Excellent for at-home daily use.) Luxuriously scented, with the aromatherapy fragrance of peach. 4 oz.
• Made with 100% “natural” oils
• No alcohol and no mineral oil is used; (which have a drying effect on cuticles and nails).
• Helps heal dry cracked cuticles
• Quick Dry - polish will dry up to 5-times “faster” than air-drying
• Massage into nail and cuticle
• Use as a quick dry
• To smooth nails instantly while buffing: apply Tammy Taylor “Conditioning Cuticle Oil” to nails first, then buff. • Use “daily” to promote healthy nails and cuticles.
• Use “daily” to eliminate lifting of nail enhancements and acrylic, caused by picking or chewing of dry cuticle skin
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