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DR. G'S Clear Nail effectively kills bacteria and viruses making fingers and toes look and feel better. A unique solution that is odor-free, contains no harsh acids, and has no drug interactions with oral medications.

Two daily applications of physician-tested Dr. G's Clear Nail (to the infected areas) can bring dramatic results in 3-6 months for fingers and 6-12 months for toes. Dr. G's patented Clear Nail formulation is odor-free, contains no harsh acids or alcohols, will not dry skin, and boasts thousands of satisfied users. Best of all for women, there is no need to remove any polish, acrylics or artificial nails. It is important to understand that acrylic nails and polishes do not cause fungus, mold, or bacteria. These microbes are found all over the planet Earth and in many instances there is very little that may be done to prevent being contaminated with them. Now, with Dr. G's Clear Nail you can feel confident in keeping your beautiful nails. Dr. G's Clear Nail contains no harsh acids, oils or alcohols to dry out the skin and is odor-free. Dr. G's Clear Nail comes in an easy to use dropper tip container..6 oz.

A conservative, cost-effective solution for beautiful healthy nails. Apply twice daily around the entire nail, over the cuticle and under the free edge.

Will Clear Nail cure my nail problem? (infections, thickening, nail lifting)
Nail problems have a wide variety of causes including allergic reactions, trauma, side effects of medications, infections (including bacteria, fungi and viruses), diminished circulation, smoking, and illnesses that effect many parts of the body, to name a few. If the nail is elevated, or lifted off the nail bed, a space develops under the nail where water and germs may accumulate. Once under the nail, these germs find a perfect environment to grow – a warm, moist area with a continuous blood supply bringing a constant food source, encouraging germs to multiply. The active ingredient in Dr. G’s Clear Nail is Benzalkonium (ben-zal-coney-um) chloride (BAC). It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses more than an antifungal product alone! Only a qualified physician is able to determine the cause of lifting, or if an infection is the result of a fungus, bacteria, or a combination of both. Developed and recommended by physicians, Dr. G’s Clear Nail is salon tested, cost-effective, and safe for the treatment of these unsightly, infected areas.

How do you use Clear Nail, and how long does it take to work? (How long does a bottle last?)
Apply twice daily around the entire nail and under the free edge of the nail with its safe, aseptic tip. This special applicator helps prevent re-infection that sometimes occurs with brush-on formulas. Dr. G’s Clear Nail penetrates around and under the nail to the site of infection. Improvement often is seen within two to three weeks. The length of therapy is determined by nail growth: No medication available can make a problem nail return to normal overnight. It takes approximately 3 to 6 months for fingernails and 6 to 12 months for toenails to grow out completely. In some individuals, with poor circulation or chronic medical conditions, the time required for re-growth may be much longer. Using Dr. G’s Clear Nail daily can also help prevent infections. One bottle of Dr. G’s Clear Nail will treat two to three fingers or toes for approximately two or three months.

What makes Dr. G’s Clear Nail better than the other products?
The germ-killing ingredient in Dr. G’s Clear Nail is Benzalkonium (ben-zal-coney-um) chloride (BAC), a powerful, well-established broad spectrum antimicrobial. It can kill more germs than antibacterial or antifungal agents alone. It kills bacteria, fungi, yeasts, molds, and viruses – all germs. Dr. G’s patented Clear Nail formulation uses Benzalkonium chloride to penetrate around and under the nail to the site of the infection. With Clear Nail’s unique penetration system, there is no need remove your polish or artificial nails!

Is Clear Nail guaranteed to cure my problem?
Because a wide range of nail and skin disorders exists, no product for this purpose (prescription or OTC) can offer a guarantee. In fact, due to the unique make-up and diversity of human beings, no legitimate medicinal product can ever promise a 100% guarantee to resolve every problem for every individual. Several variables may impact the healing of an infected nail, including trauma, chronic illnesses, other types of infection, psoriasis, environmental factors, etc. Dr. G’s Clear Nail is a cost effective, safe, first line approach. It has been physician recommended and salon proven for over six years.

How do I know what type of problem I have?
Only a physician is capable of diagnosing a nail condition. In order to determine your specific problem, a physician needs to take a thorough history as well as perform some laboratory tests. Dr. G’s Clear Nail is a safe and cost effective alternative approach you can try before taking prescription medication.

Is Dr. G’s Clear Nail safe? Can I use it on my child? While I am pregnant?
Dr. G’s Clear Nail is a safe, effective, topical solution that does not interact with oral medications. It is safe for children over the age of 5 years. We do not recommend using Dr. G’s Clear Nail or any other medications (including over the counter or prescription) while pregnant or breast feeding without consulting a physician.

Benzalkonium Chloride .1 %
Inactive Ingredients:Water, Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamidopropylamine oxide, Cetrimonium chloride, Propylene glycol, Allantoin, Quaterium-12, Quaternium-15, Diazolidinyl urea, Methyl paraben, Propyl paraben, Citric acid, Triethanolamine

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